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Priousol Announcement Sept. 19, 2006

This is to inform our beloved clients and viewers to be aware of the following...

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Prime Outsource Solutions, Inc.
Your Global Outsource Partner: Outsourcing Services and Solutions Online

Priousol, Inc. is the answer to the growing need for quality outsourcing online services and solutions. Our primary purpose is to provide web site optimization, customer support and telemarketing services, operate customer service, telephone- computer services, web design and development and information technology-based support (including data-encoding and processing) for all aspects of a client’s business, and perform consulting and other related technical services.

Priousol, Inc. aims to engage in the operation of a call center, which will hold in information dissemination, data gathering and, processing, and marketing activities. Priousol, Inc. business activities are intended to generate dollar revenues, with the United States of America, Australia and Europe as the primary export market. Priousol, Inc. is 100% export oriented unit and has an available 171 seat capacity for employees working on a two-shift schedule.

Our Mission

Priousol, Inc. is about quality service and this is what clients value most – and ultimately, what the business is all about. Improving our client’s bottom line by logistic planning and implementation of a program that is customized to their needs is our message to our prospective clients

Our company’s mission is to mainly assist our clients and deliver the best service possible. We have committed to deliver unique and creative solutions for each of our clients. We will let you share your visions of what you think will be the best solution for your needs and then we will produce it. It is also our goal to help companies maximize their profit by being their global outsource partner. We are committed to giving quality services at a lower cost.

Our People

Priousol, Inc.’s pride is to have the most efficient and credible representatives the nation could ever have. They are carefully trained to serve the customer with outmost care and love. The most valuable asset that we have here in Priousol, Inc. is the fact that we are naturally born hospitable and warm. We give true meaning of what we call “customer service.” They are the best of the best; with skills and intellect that far exceeds industry standards. They are professionally tailored, young and energetic and, of course, technologically inclined. For most of our years in the industry, Priousol, Inc. has served thousands of company’s worldwide. Priousol, Inc. has introduced the most unique marketing and communication solutions from different types of industry. We offer everything you need for an efficient Internet business.

Priousol, Inc. is a service operation where people are the major resource. Human Resource (HR) strategies have been adopted to make certain that employees perform in a customer-focused approach. This is necessary in a service operation where the level of service provided eventually reflects on customers’ perceptions of the quality of service provided by Priousol, Inc.

Our Facility

We use only the best and most reliable brands of equipment, may it be hardware or software to supply outstanding services to our clients. Here in Priousol, Inc. it is possible to boost the quality of the service it provides. Also consistently improves and dedicates speedy response to any needs that may occur. Priousol, Inc. is located within the heart of Pasig CIty, the second most important commercial and business district in Metro Manila, Philippines. The district is within two of the most developed and largest cities in Metro Manila wherein it is the home of many shopping malls and skyscrapers and nightlife bars and restaurants. It is very much accessible for our call center representatives when it comes to transportation. Our call center representatives enjoy an open and animated ambiance with an emphasis on professionalism and fun. They can enjoy and relax in one of the employee lounges and because of it, Priousol, Inc. for them is the place to be.

Our Technology

Priousol, Inc. was able to provide documented customer services across multiple communication channels through our investments in highly developed technology. Superior technology is just one of the reasons that today’s leading companies turn to Priousol, Inc. to help them grow their business. We continually strive for ways to provide our customers with competent and cost-effective ways of interacting with their customers. We stay ahead of the technology curve allowing you to focus on your company’s core competencies and communications.

We developed special software that will allow customer performance monitoring. This does not only facilitates online monitoring but enables our clients to review voice and data information, set business rules for the call reporting and evaluates guide questions and answer forms while the call is in progress, and monitor usage of the system. With these information, our clients can easily discover what their consumers demand, and find out areas for business growth.


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